Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time To Clear The Air

I hope that anyone who's taken the time to read my first few blog entries, has also decided to read this one.  In my first ever post, I described what I aim to accomplish here, and briefly mentioned some of the subject matter and the direction I hope go to.  In this post, I'd simply like to expand on that, and provide a little more insight into what I can see becoming an easy target for controversy.

Any lifter in the top of their sport, or any professional in the top of their field for that matter, has achieved a high level of success through the input of several other influences.  No one has ever risen to greatness without picking up pieces of knowledge and experience from others along the way.  Listen to any musician describe his own sound, and he will surely list off a half dozen bands who provided the inspiration for what he created.

I think you get where I'm going, so I'll push forward.  I have been highly fortunate to train around a wide variety of lifting techniques and methodologies over the last several years.  Some methods I have embraced wholeheartedly, while others proved not to complement my style as effectively.  Regardless, I am appreciative of the exposure to ALL OF IT.  In this blog, I hope to dig deeper and deeper over time into the finer details of the sport that I believe to be of value.  Often times, the subject matter is one that is in direct conflict with the opinions of those around me.  In some cases, very literally around me - as in within the walls of my own home training facility.  The purpose of this very post you are reading, is to illustrate that while I may approach the squat rack with a different method than the others in the same room, I harbor no ill will towards anyone.  This isn't personal, it's a bunch of plates hanging on two hooks.  We all choose our own path from A to B in the weight room, and I'll respect all of them.  I don't have to think the other guy's lifting is the best way to grow stronger.  He doesn't have to think mine is, either.  Since this is my blog, I will write about the methods I believe in, and why I choose not to follow others.  I am trusting you to understand it is as simple as that, and no one is being dragged through the mud over a difference of opinion.

In the past, I have chosen to express my opinion in a language that degraded the point I hoped to make, by carrying an overly aggressive, personal undertone.  I am the first to admit here, as I have done on previous occasions, that it was a poor approach to have taken.  Moving forward, I do not see why I can't provide an alternative view to picking up bars and plates, without stepping on anyone else's toes or lighting fires where none should be lit.  You squat in Chuck Taylors, I don't.  I'm no smarter than anyone for it, though I do have an opinion on why I believe a heeled shoe offers a real benefit.  I hope my point is clear.

To condense everything I've said above:  While I will often disagree with a lot of surrounding ideas about powerlifting, I do so with due respect to those who've come before me (or after).  I don't claim to be any smarter or more experienced than anyone else in this sport.  I don't now, and I still won't in ten years either.

I am as true to myself on this blog as I am every other day of my life in flesh and blood.  I care a great deal about strength sport, and intend to contribute my own ideas to it.  I do not intend to shove everyone out of my way in the process, however.  I may not get it all right on day one, but over time I intend to provide a bit of insight from the experience I've gained, and add some functional value to what I've learned by putting tools in other people's hands.

I have mentioned on numerous occasions that I welcome your critique of what you read here.  If I am off my mark, I would appreciate hearing so, so that I can continue to improve the quality of my writing.  If you don't bring your concerns to me, I am ad an obvious disadvantage when it comes to making it right.  Lastly, I would like to remind the reader that I specifically created this blog to offer my own insight into a wide range of topics, as I see them.  I get the feeling as with many other things in life, there'll never be 100% satisfaction.  I can respect that, too.  If you get the feeling that everything I say on here, respectful or not, simply irritates you, you could do us both a service by just choosing not to open the link.  Just as I reserve the right to speak freely, you reserve yours to keep scrolling down the page.

Thanks guys, take it easy.

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