Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Fitness Fraud Babbling: #girlswholift vs #girlswhoACTUALLYlift.

It’s been quite a while since I plugged anything into this blog.  When I started it though, I vowed to myself that it would be an outlet for things I care about.  Meaning, I wouldn’t just flood it full of meaningless verbiage to which I had no real investment in the first place.  There’s enough of that out there already.  Not that I have garnered enough of an audience to really contribute that much internet traffic.  Even that is fine with me.  I don’t care if six people are all who decide to read what I write.  I appreciate you taking the time to read it, and for giving me the space to offer my thoughts.  Who knows, maybe some of what I write may even offer something insightful enough to the reader that it improves a small part of their own life.

Ah, before I forget.  The caveat to this being my own space to expand on my personal opinions.  There will inevitably be a few who'll bitch and whine about their hurt feelings from the occasional sensitive topic.  If this is you, do me a really, really big favor.  Close this webpage and move on with your life.  I do not cater to the sensitive blown-glass ego of a reader who doesn't even give a shit about what I have to say in the first place.  Really, keep walking.  I'm not offended if someone disagrees with me.  Not in the least.  There are million blogs out there in this world containing all sorts of content I don't care to entertain.  I'm sure there's plenty aimed at people exactly like me; up and coming strength athletes who've been around just long enough to think they know something, but don't really know dick.  I'm stronger than the average lifter, but can't even scratch the Top 50 in the States.  I'm no one in powerlifting.  There are plenty of articles about that.  Since, I disagree about that stance, could you guess what I do?


If anyone ever tells you the best way to lose weight is through XXX product, and that product can’t be found at the grocery store, your best bet is to kindly tell them to keep walking.  You don’t need a cabinet full of proprietary blend powders and pills.  You also aren’t going to reverse several years of poor health decisions with a 30 day fix.  I know that should be obvious, but my observation tells me it is not.

Gooooooooo Awaaaaaaay.

What I hate most about these moneymaking diet schemes is that the target for profit is often the solicitor’s friends and family.  Not only are you parading around using expensive words your advisor told you to say, without any actual knowledge of nutrition, but you are honing in on those closest to you.  That burns me more than anything, but I digress.  I need to stop talking about this before I lose my mind so I'll just leave it with one more suggestion:

The next time you are approached about a nutrition or exercise product, ask yourself a few simple questions.  How will the person before you earn their profit?  Is their success in any way dependent on your success?  If you ask them a specific question about the nutritional benefits of their product, can they maintain eye contact while answering you?  Or do they need to refer to a cheat sheet carried in their pocket all day.  Shortly after they finish explaining how great the product is, do they next explain how you can sell the same product too?  In other words, you haven’t even used it yet and now you can be an authorized distributor and also get your hand in the profits?  Spare me the nonsense.

Beyond the fad diet army, there's another outlet for fitness cheats and liars:  Social Media.  Facebook.  Instagram.  Acting school.  Yeah, I’m talking the ones who post a selfie from their bathroom, filtered a hundred different ways to enhance whatever it is they think they’ve achieved.  And the picture isn’t complete without an overlaid motivational quote.  A self-quote to boot, as if they entire picture wasn’t quite facetious enough to begin with.  Thanks for inspiring me to write on my bathroom mirror, douche bag.

OMG I wish I had a squat booty like that!
The reason I hate when people post contorted, deceptive, and otherwise completely unrealistic images of themselves is the same reason I want to punt every detox diet cleanse over a cliff:  It hurts people who need help the most.  And it’s EVERYWHERE.  Try and search a popular fitness or weightlifting hashtag and see for yourself.  I don’t personally care about how it affects me.  I can read through the smoke and mirrors easily enough.  I’ll just unfollow it, that’s fine.  But it’s not me who really loses, here.  It’s the discouraged girl who’s searched through fitness hashtags for inspiration, for a better way, and finds some cartoon looking bitch with her ass shoved around the front and impossible waist sucked in so hard her eyes are almost bleeding.  People who can’t discern InstaProgress from real progress as easily as others, get sucked right in.  They put down their iPhone and pedal away on the treadmill to oblivion, only to be disappointed at not achieving the two inch waist like that glistening Barbie doll with awesome boobs on Instagram.  Relax, when she exhales that giant breath and her spine returns to alignment, her boobs aren’t that big and her waist definitely isn’t that small.  If you’re the author of stuff like this, fuck you for being a liar.  In half the time it took to tie yourself into a pretzel for the same picture you posted fifty times last week, you could have extended a hand to those whose search led them to your doorstep.

Want to inspire me, or show me how hard you work?  Start by being honest with yourself.  I have the most respect for the ones who aren’t afraid to talk about the bad with the good, the hard days with the easy ones.  In a way, it’s really a shame for someone to work so hard, and still feel like they need to hide a thousand imperfections behind surgical precision lighting and expert level posing.  Just show me who you are, I’ll tip my hat to that any day of the week.  Be proud of what you’ve achieved, and what you’re about to achieve.  It may not generate the same mass following of nobodies, but at least it’ll preserve a little dignity.  I’d prefer the latter.  A lightweight trongman I respect a great deal once wrote, “Don’t mistake confidence for arrogance.”  True words, ones I agree with.  When I see sweaty douche bags with fake muscles on Instagram, I often think they’ve done the opposite, and mistaken arrogance for confidence. 
Susan Salazar, a girl who ACTUALLY LIFTS.

I post plenty of my own pictures on Instagram and Facebook, to show some of the progress I’ve made in the weight room in the kitchen.  I generally do so because I worked my balls off to achieve what I have, and I hope to show that I’m nobody special with how I get from A to B.  I eat right, sleep right, and train hard with basic bars and plates.  I also post things because I take a great deal of pride in representing the company responsible for my nutrition and training plans.   I don’t try to make any of it look better than it actually does.  What you see posted online is the exact same thing you’ll see if you pass me on the street, you’ve got my word on that.  Except maybe I’ll have more clothes on.  Really though, I can stand by that, because I’m happy with what I’ve earned.  I don’t need to pretend it’s anything more, because what it is so far is something I’m proud of.  When I’m in a hard diet, I don’t put a thousand hashtags about being full of food all the time.  I am really goddamn hungry, how else do you think you get really lean?  You eat less.  Instead, I try and post pictures of some of the carb/fat friendly meals I prepare.  After all, that serves us all a little better.  I have tried to paint the most real and true picture of what is possible with a good plan in the gym and at the dinner table.  No deception, no false advertising.

Because I won't call out someone else's bullshit selfies, without posting my own progress. 
For better or worse, I've got nothing to hide.

I would like to put a lot more about there about what it’s actually like to follow a strict diet, and train hard to maintain/build strength.  That entry, however, will come after my next contest in October.  Rather than talk a bunch of garbage about how super awesome I am now, I’ll let my official numbers tell the story and provide a little background information on how I got there.

Thank you for reading,



  1. enjoyed this! thanks for being real and honest I've shared this in hopes of more people opening their eyes.


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