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Online Strength Coaching: How A Diesel Mechanic Can Help You Grow

The following entry is a re-post of the one I made when I first began a pursuit in online strength coaching.  I am sharing it now as I begin accepting lifters again. 

In the coming weeks, I will have a central website up and running, dedicated to managing my coaching more effectively and efficiently than in the past.  

If my coaching interests you, or your have any questions regarding the types of support I can offer, please feel free to email me at, or even just stay tuned as I will begin providing more information and content.  For now, I've just posted a few highlights of the performances of some of my most successful lifters:

  • Six different women have deadlifted 300+ lbs on 13 occasions; 11 in contest.
  • Two women deadlifted 385 lbs at under 132 bodyweight
  • One triple-bodyweight deadlift
  • Three PRO powerlifting totals:  836@123, 683@132, 900@132
  • 17 successful sanctioned powerlifting meets, with an average PR total of 40 lbs per contest.  The majority of lifters competed on a twice yearly basis.
  • Two lifters met or exceeded all-time best competition lifts within one year postpartum.  One tied an all-time best performance at 16 weeks postpartum


After much discussion and encouragement from my closest friends and training partners, I've decided to begin offering online coaching.  The purpose of this blog entry is to organize my thoughts, explain my approach, and to paint a rough image of who I am as a coaching figure.  If you've considered enlisting someone to help you reach a higher level of health and fitness, I hope you'll take a minute to read what I've assembled here.  The pursuit of greater strength is a life long endeavor I've embraced wholeheartedly.  I hope the potential client will recognize my passion as the most genuine form they'll encounter, and see a real opportunity to explore a new approach to the same old gym.

Strength sport is my life blood, through and through.  I’ve gained a greater sense of fulfillment in developing my physical potential, than in nearly any other aspect of my life.   Working hard to grow stronger has taught me innumerable life lessons I apply every day, in situations vastly unrelated to  bars and plates.  I’ve learned the magnitude of character I possess, and the level of success I can achieve both personally and professionally, with an unwavering desire to arrive at my destination regardless of the obstacles in my path.   

Learning to endure a little physical discomfort for a hard earned
reward is a valuable insight, applicable everywhere else in your life.

While I'll always strive to further improve my own physical and mental fortitude, my journey doesn’t finish there.  My enduring passion for all things strong is split right down the middle between personal development, and the development of others.  A love for exchanging knowledge in both directions has led to my decision to seek a clientele willing to trust my ideas and put the work in.  While I'll never admit to being an all-knowing authority of strength training methodology or sports nutrition, my exposure to many such experts has left me the opportunity to pass a great deal of knowledge forward.  After all, even those in a position to teach, should never close the door to learning more about their trade.  Nor will I, and nor will I wait indefinitely for when I think I know everything.  It’ll never come.

My interpretation.  My application.  My instincts...  Tried and true, old-school methods.

Here’s the thing:  Not much of what I hold to be true about strength training and nutrition is original material.  I didn’t make much of it up, and I’m honest enough to call it that instead of attaching a unique-sounding label to decades old architecture.  Most top athletes in every sport have built their success upon principles in existence well before they were even born.
I'm a craftsman; not an inventor.
These already exist.  Let's find the most effective method to use them for YOU.
As a coach, my objective will always be communicating what I’ve learned from a multitude of top level researchers, coaches and athletes across multiple disciplines, into a product I believe will serve others best.  Of all the coaches I’ve ever trained under, articles I’ve read, programs I’ve followed, I have NEVER found one which left me 100% in agreement on all matters.  Typically, I would gain valuable exposure to several principles I agreed with, and a few I did not.  In fact, I think this holds true for a majority of coaches and how they’ve arrived at the product they offer, whether they’ll admit it or not-

We are all a summation of parts; a collection of the pieces we’ve chosen to retain, less the ones we haven’t.

What kind of strength coach am I?

Simple, really.  I am the same type of coach as I am a man.  I don't dance around sensitive topics of conversation, I don't pretend to know anything I don't.  I'm not afraid to hurt feelings, but I'll never senselessly beat someone down.  I choose to elevate my position by elevating EVERYONE'S position around me.  If you learn, I learn.  We all grow stronger and smarter together.  I am passionate about my work, and will invest my fullest energy into helping others succeed.   I don’t require a lot of fancy gym equipment, demand endless workouts, or advanced technique on day one.  I don’t care about what you might already know, or if you don’t know anything about working out.  My requisites for a potential client are very clear:  You’ve got to want it.  I mean really, really want it.  Tell me you want to work, and be prepared to demonstrate your hard effort.  The desire to improve precedes all else in my book.   Come talk to me with white knuckles, teeth clenched, boots laced, and ready to do something with yourself.

Real world coaching for real world scenarios
This is my place to eat right and train for 185 days per year.
Easy?  No.  Impossible?  No. 
I pride myself on helping others find ways to achieve their health and fitness goals, despite difficult real-world limitations.  I frequently write that I  do not care about the perfect scenario in life (here), because it rarely presents itself.  My model of coaching is built around this philosophy.  I am continually learning new means of adapting to difficult situations.  From a coach’s position, I aim to help others improve their ability to find ways around hurdles, and never stop progressing from A to B.

All you require is the will to succeed, and the patience to execute a plan from start to finish.

Why should a drilling rig engineer oversee my training and diet needs?

Short answer:  Because my occupation makes it really f'ing hard to grow lean and strong... and I'm lean and strong.  I can help you get where you want to go, even if the path is a difficult one.

I am employed with a 30 day on / 30 day off rotation on an ultra-deepwater drilling rig in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve worked offshore now for seven years.  While on the water, I work twelve hour shifts (two weeks of nights, two weeks of days) every day, living onboard.  My workouts take place following the 12-hour work day, no matter what the work day looked like.  It may be in a 110 degree engine compartment, stuffed underneath a gear box, or at a desk.  Despite the working conditions, I have competed in powerlifting at in increasingly advanced level for the past five years while sailing as a marine engineer.  I’ve completed entire peak training cycles for three powerlifting meets while onboard, flying home to compete shortly after the end of my trip.  All told, my overall strength has consistently improved at the same rate while offshore, as it has at home, despite dramatically different living conditions and innumerable disadvantages.

Taken at the end of a 30 day trip offshore, after losing the final 6 pounds of a 45+ cut,
while eating exclusively out of a cafeteria.  Effort supersedes ideal opportunity in my book.

Most recently, I have dieted down from 300+ pound bodyweight, to 255 pounds in preparation for my first contest as a 242# class powerlifter.  While at work, I do not use a food scale, measuring tools, or prepare any of the food I eat.  Outside of whey protein, my meals are composed entirely of what is available in a buffet-style cafeteria.  Meal times are less than ideal, as my first available time to work out is about 1.5 hours prior to being in bed.  With the help of coaching (yes, I am ALSO learning here), I have been able to adapt to the different circumstances and succeed.  As with my long term strength progress, I achieved the exact same rate of weight loss while working and living offshore, as I did at home.  The challenges of maintaining sound nutrition on a rig are even more intimidating than the training aspect, but the end result has been exactly as successful.

My best contest lifts are 675 squat w/wraps, 485 bench press, and 700 deadlift as a 275# class lifter.  I’ve cut water weight from 295+ to make 275’s without issue.

Lifter results:

Another female lifter exceeded all pre-pregnancy PR’s at eight months postpartum (delivered via C-section), at an all-time low bodyweight.  At a little over one year postpartum, she added over 60 pounds to her total with a 265 squat w/out wraps, 149 bench and 342 deadlift @ 148 pounds.

My friend and training partner Dustin Cyr gave me the opportunity to write the peak training cycle for his most recent contest.  His end result was a 633 squat w/wraps (48# PR), 418 bench (13#PR), 561 deadlift an 1612 total (37# PR) @ 199 lb bw.

I'll close this blog entry exactly as I close nearly every email I sent to a potential client:

I will work exactly as hard as you, every step of the way.  I have absolutely no patience or desire to chase anyone around, pleading for a little feedback on their plan, or talking them off the ledge and back into the weight room.  If you don’t want it, I’m not going to make you want it.  If you DO want it, and are prepared to apply your full effort into your goals, SO AM I.  Standing by, ready to match your effort with that of my own.  I will immerse myself in your goal, as your goal will become mine.  Send me a dozen videos of your lifting each week, and you’ll receive a dozen technical critiques.  Ask a hundred questions and receive a hundred timely responses.  If I don’t have an honest answer to your question, I won’t stop until I FIND it.  I don’t bullshit anyone in my life, and won’t pretend to be someone I’m not.  If you’ve trusted me with your hard earned time money, it is my biggest priority to deliver an outstanding return on your investment.

If you have a serious desire to improve your overall health, and find out just how strong you can become, please send me an email at  If you're still reading this post, I hope you've discovered (if you hadn't already) that I am not just another lifter looking to score a few quick bucks by emailing out generic training spreadsheets.  I am more than that.  I want more for me, and more for you.


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